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Static Routes – Explained

DNSFLEX > Device DNS Setup  > Static Routes – Explained

UPDATE – 2020-05-21:  Netflix Smart DNS on Smart TV and Gaming Consoles are no longer supported, not even with the Static Route solution!


You might be thinking, why do I need to setup static routes to use DNSFlex DNS servers?  Well,  the truth of the matter is, big corporations like Google from time to time hard code their public DNS IP’s into your desktop or mobile apps including but not limited to Netflix, Play Store, Chromecast and Roku.  By doing so it ultimately forces you the end user to bypass the ISP or 3rd Party DNS servers.  I don’t know about you but we share an enormous amount of personal data with google including maps, search, web browser history, GPS data and so much more.  The last thing I want Google knowing is every single web site I visit in the confines of my home, its disconcerting! 


Without DNSFlex DNS IP’s configured on your device you will not be able to use our service.  These articles are guidelines for Advanced Network Administrators that would like to bypass Public DNS hard coded servers on their Routers in order to implement DNSFlex globally within their network.