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Total Internet Security
A global cloud-based Secure (Smart) DNS network that provides monitoring, control, security and internet intelligence.
Surf autonomously across the globe and protect your rights to privacy.
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Premium DNS

Home Office / Enterprise Managed DNS Services

Find out how to control DNS Records within your Network

Smart DNS

Smart DNS Residential IP Proxy with Instant Region Switcher

Smart DNS gives you the ability to unlock any website around the world without complicated software installations.

Parental Control

The Quickest and Simplest way to protect your family on the web

Select from a myriad of categories including Pornographic content and Malware to keep your family safe.


Advanced Security Protection for Malware Attacks

Perform secure online transactions with peace of mind, find out how DNSFlex uses the DNS protocol to extend the security of your Network

Residential VPN

Residential IP Proxy for VPN, SOCKS and SSH Protocols

Surf Anonymously with full end to end Data Encryption on our premium Residential Proxy Network.


Residential IP Proxy Network

DNSFLEX provides network access to Residential and Datacenter IP’s.  Our Residential IP Proxy network is distributed among the top Fortune 500 Cable ISP’s in the US, ensuring the highest level of anonymity.  Perfect for Optimized applications that require multiple IP’s to avoid banning or detection.

Supports - Smart DNS, VPN and SOCKS.

Features Unblock Websites

How it Works

DNS (Domain Name System) can be seen as the phone book of the internet. It translates human-friendly hostnames (like or into IP addresses.  No complicated instructions or software to install, simply update your device DNS Settings (Numbers) to unblock digital content and avoid Geo-IP restrictions instantly!


We provide a powerful, Secure, Smart DNS platform for your home, family or business.  Our Internet Intelligence Engine was designed to provide advanced protection against malware viruses by aggressively scraping the internet for active threats.   We offer DDOS protection that can detect attack vectors on the internet and effectively filter bad traffic on the edge before entering your network to create a barrier of auto-immunity.  Our tools make it a fast and easy for you to setup – leave the heavy lifting to us.


Smart DNS is much faster than a VPN because only a small percentage of your internet data flows through our servers, we only intercept the relevant traffic so your downloads are not affected in any way.  Use Smart DNS now to unblock your favorite digital streaming media content regardless of your location.


Instant Access from Anywhere with Smart DNS

DNSFlex Smart DNS allows you to effectively evade geo-restricted websites and streaming networks, quick and instantly!  Use our Smart DNS Manager tool to unblock a list of popular websites or custom sites – instantly with the ON/OFF region selector switch.   Don’t bog down your network with these so called “free VPN un-blockers”,  make the smart choice.

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Works on all your Devices

Smart DNS is compatible on all your favourite devices.  Unlike a VPN, Smart DNS can be used on all your home streaming devices including ROKU, Smart TV’s and Gaming Consoles.  Unblock and watch Netflix, Hulu, ESPN+, HBO, DirecTV and more!





Smart TV

Apple TV



Choose a plan that’s right for you

All plans come with a 7-day money back guarantee.  15% Discount applicable to quarterly payments.

Smart DNS
Unblock over 100+ Channels Instantly! Works on all your home devices.
$ 5 Monthly
Business Residential VPN
Static Residential IP from Any Tier 1 ISP's including Comcast and Verizon.
$ 20 Monthly
Premium Residential VPN
Rotating Residential IP's, Static Cable/DSL and Mobile Wireless 4G IP's.
$ 45 Monthly