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Stay secure online no matter where you go.  We offer feature rich, cutting edge technology that will keep you protected with peace of mind always.  Smart DNS or VPN, we always have you covered.

A 15% discount applies to long term quarterly payments

  • Residential VPN
    • $ 8 Monthly
      • Residential VPN
      • Datacenter VPN
      • SOCKS5/SSH/OpenvPN
      • Static Residential IP
      • 1 Week rotating Residential IP
      • 5 Minute rotating Residential IP

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  • Basic Security
    • $ 5 Monthly
      • Advanced DNS
      • Smart DNS
      • Stats and Reporting
      • …..
      • …..
      • …..

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  • Premium Security
    • $ 10 Monthly
      • Advanced DNS
      • Smart DNS
      • Parental Controls
      • Security
      • Stats and Reporting
      • …..

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  • Total Security
    • $ 15 Monthly
      • Advanced DNS
      • Smart DNS
      • Parental Controls
      • Security
      • Stats and Reporting
      • Residential VPN

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We accept the following payment options


Residential VPN

Zero Data Logging

Up to 4 Simultaneous Connections

Unlimited Bandwidth

DNS Leak Protection

OpenVPN TLS/SSL Encryption

IPv6 Route Leak Mitigation

WebRTC IP Leak Protection

Static Residential IP (Verizon & Comcast)

70,000 Residential Rotating IP's


Smart DNS (Geoscape)

Zero Query Logging

Secure HTTP and HTTPS Proxy

Unlimited device usage

DDNS Auto IP Updater (Dyn,No-IP)

Over 40 Pre-Configured websites

On/Off Region Selector Switch

Unblock Custom Websites

Ultra Fast DNS Caching Servers

IPv4 and IPv6 Support


Advanced DNS

Supports Record types A,AAAA,CNAME

DNS Spoofing and Drop Query

Instant DNS record Propogation

IPv4 and IPv6 Support

Cutting Edge Caching DNS Servers

Load Balanced DNS Network

DNS Query Statistics (1 month)

Mange up to 4 Account IP's

IPv4 and IPv6 Support


SOCKS5 Proxy

Zero Data Logging

Up to 4 Simultaneous Connections

Unlimited Bandwidth

Reliable Gigabit Network

Single Sign-on (Shared VPN Login)

Single Sign-on SOCKS5/VPN

Residential Rotating IP Option

World Wide Server Locations

Dual Stack Support (Coming Soon)


Parental Control

Choose from 52 filter categories

Blacklist Domains Updated Daily

Custom Category Block

Block individual custom domains

Block Domain Email Notifications

Advanced Filtering Scheduler

Elegant redirect landing page

Changes are applied instantly

IPv4 and IPv6 Support



Malware Protection

Botnet Protection

Protection from Phishing websites

Blocks Internal RFC1918 IP's

Internet threat intelligence

DNS Rebinding Attack Prevention

Manage up to 4 Account IP's

IPv4 and IPv6 Support

Perimeter Network Security

Which Products support IPv6

Most of our products including Smart DNS, VPN, Security and Parental control have the ability to filter based on IPv6 address format.  We realise the potential in supporting IPv6 due to the shortcomings of IPv6 availability in the world today.

Does Residential VPN Support IPv6

Currently,  the only service in our lineup that does not support IPv6 is Residential VPN and Smart DNS Residential Regions.  We are working with our vendors for a solution that will be available in the near future.

Do you support dual stack (IPv4 & IPv6)

Yes, we do.  You can configure up to 4 Networks and activate them simultaneously.  Each network can contain either a blend of IPv4 or IPv6 Address.

24/7 Support Assistance

Get in touch with one of our friendly support agents.  We can help you through the setup process or answer any sales or technical support questions.   You can reach us directly or find help in our knowledge-base.


Full and Unrestricted Internet

Use DNSFlex Smart DNS to access censored sites and streaming media, or Residential VPN to access websites and services securely all around the world.

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