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Windows Vista OpenVPN Configuration

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Windows Vista OpenVPN Configuration

You can connect to DNSFlex VPN servers using the OpenVPN open source software.  DNSFlex VPN App is currently under development.



Step1 – Download the OpenVPN Software


Open up your browser and download the latest stable, open source, OpenVPN software here.  This version of software is compatible with versions off Windows Vista up to Windows 10.



Step 2 – Install Software


Open the link to the downloaded file and begin the software installation procedure.  Click Next, follow the on screen instructions.





Step 3 – Add VPN Username or SOCKS Authorised IP’s


Log into the DNSFLEX members area dashboard here.  If you are using the VPN service – create a VPN username and password, if you are using the SOCKS Proxies – enter your authorised IP’s.   If you plan to use both VPN and SOCKS then configure both VPN username and SOCKS Proxies Authorised IP.





Step 4 – Choose your IP Type


This section allows you to choose what type of IP you want your VPN endpoint to connect to.    Please read the pop up article “which to choose” to fully understand the different use cases in order to make the correct choice.





Step 5 – Download OpenVPN Configuration Files


The next step, you must download the VPN server configuration files necessary so that the OpenVPN Software knows where to connect to.   Download the lone configuration file in the members are dashboard.  This will be the only config file required to connect to all your IP endpoints.

To connect to SOCKS Proxies, copy the SOCKS endpoint host name and port and enter it into your proxy software.





Step 6 – Configure OpenVPN application


Now that you have properly installed OpenVPN on your Windows computer and downloaded the DNSFLEX ovpn configuration file, its time to configure the application.


  • Start by double clicking the OpenVPN GUI icon on your desktop




  • You should now see the OpenVPN service running in the tray iocn by the botton far right of your screen




  • Right click the OpenVPN tray icon then select “Import file”
  • Search for the .ovpn files that you downloaded in step 3 and double click to import it



Step 5 – Connect to the VPN Server


Now that you have properly installed the application and configured DNSFLEX OpenVPN files, its time to connect to the VPN server.


  • Right Click the OpenVPN tray icon on the bottom right of your screen
  • Select the DNSFlex VPN server you wish to connect to
  • Click “Connect




  • Enter your DNSFlex Username and Password to connect to the VPN server




  • Once you are connected you will see the connected icon on the bottom right of your icon tray




That’s it, you’re all done!  Enjoy!

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