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IP Auto Updater

Let us do the heavy lifting

IP Auto Updater

DNSFlex desktop application Automatically synchronises your Network IP Address with DNSFlex servers instantly to keep all your policies active in real time.

one-1Your ISP will periodically update the IP Address being assigned to your home network.  When these changes occur, updates must be propagated to DNSFlex Servers in order to update policies associated to services such as Parental Controls.

two-2The Auto Update client running on your Desktop Operating system may it be Linux, MAC OS, or Windows will immediately trigger a sync once an update to your Network IP is detected

threeThe Sync transaction is sent to the DNSFlex CDN for optimal performance and availability.  This web layer acts as a Proxy/Firewall for all HTTP requests destined for the Origin server.

four-1The Origin server receives Sync updates via a private internal network.  Once the update is received, all Network Policies associated to your unique IP will be updated immediately and totally transparent