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Geoscape Smart DNS

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Introducing Geoscape – Smart DNS

Our cutting edge Smart DNS technology gives you the ability to unblock any website in the world.  Our front end DNS servers integrate seamlessly with the DNSFlex Residential and Datacenter Proxy network delivering an agile solution to effectively evade the most rigorous content restrictions   The process is completely transparent to you, providing an easy and efficient way to go about protecting your privacy and surfing the internet with complete anonymity.


Our Smart DNS Manager is quick and easy to operate.  You can chose from a list of over 100 of your favourite channels or configure your own website to unblock.  The possibilities are endless!


Our Region selector switch provides a fast and easy way to enable, disable and change locations on thy fly with the click of a button, from your mobile or desktop web browser.  Unblock any website – fast and easy!

Unblock up to 20 custom websites

Extremely Fast - Does not impact local network traffic

Choose between Residential or Datacenter IP in the Region Selector

Propagation time within minutes

Fast and Secure, hide your home IP Address

Powerful, cutting edge DNS Servers

Instant Region Selector

With the Smart DNS Manager,  you can chose from a list of over 100 of your favorite channels or configure your own website to unblock.  Its quick, easy and instant!

Instant ON/OFF switch with Region Selector

New Regions available upon request

Netflix Certified (US Residential Region)


Configure Multiple Networks

Travelling? At the office?  No problem!  Manage and apply Smart DNS rules across 3 Network IP Addresses – Simultaneously!

Supports IPv4 and IPv6 Network IP's

Apply services across all Networks

Supports Dynamic IP Update for Active Network


Supports Wildcards


Our custom re-director allows the ability to enter a domain name or sub domain of your choice.  Once the domain name is configured, our systems automatically apply a starting wildcard match, such that all sub-domains are captured in the filter. For example, if you enter in the custom domain re-director,  any sub domain, (eg. will also be routed to the desired region.


Regional Expansion


We, at DNSFlex, are always finding ways to improve our service and expand on infrastructure.  We started off small with a few popular regions, as we grow with along with our customer base, so will our regional footprint across the world.  We are willingly accepting new Region submissions.  Quickly submit a support ticket citing the Region of interest and we will try our very best to accommodate you!


Netflix Certified


Our Pre-Configured domain region selector includes a highly sought out undetectable Residential IP Proxy Network.  Select “Residential IP” from the Region drop down and leave your worries behind.  Our technology is undetectable,  traditional VPN providers deploy servers with Datacenter IP’s, as a result you may receive this error – “You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy.” It indicates that their systems have detected that you are connecting via a VPN, proxy, or “unblocker” service.

Strict Privacy

Your internet traffic is never logged. Therefore, your IP can never be tracked down and traced.

Premium Support

Whatever your needs are, we are here to support you. Just drop us an email and expect a response within 24 hours.

Lightning Fast Speeds

Only route target domains, all other network traffic is local for super fast connectivity!

Choose your IP Type – Residential and Datacenter

DNSFlex Smart DNS delivers unprecedented access to both Residential and Datacenter Proxy Networks.  Our Residential IP Proxy network is distributed amongst the top Fortune 500 Cable ISP’s in the US, ensuring the highest level of anonymity.  Perfect for Optimised applications that require multiple IP’s to avoid banning or detection.

Scraping Sites

Traffic Bots

Bulk Account Registration

SEO Tools

Tickets and Sneaker Sites

Features Residential Region Datacenter Region
70,000 Rotating IP's
Static IP
Residential IP's in USA & Europe
Worldwide Locations
Works with all Streaming Services
Fastest Network Connection
Undetectable - Avoid IP Bans

How does Smart DNS Residential Work?

DNSFlex Smart DNS employs a 2-way handshake workflow.  First, we respond to your DNS Query, based on policy routing we then determine if the domain in question is a “Geoscape” candidate.  If so, the DNS Server replies back to the client with a unique response, forcing the client request to be routed to a DNSFlex Proxy Server you choose in the Region Selector.


Once the Proxy server receives the request, it performs a whole bunch of neat stuff (we wont get too technical here) and eventually forwards the http(s) request to the destination web server for processing.


In the image below, we describe the workflow of a Residential IP Proxy.  Note, if you dont select the option, the destination server will detect our Datacenter Proxy Server IP as the source IP requester.


Smart DNS VS. VPN VS. SOCKS5 – What’s the Difference?

When choosing a method of protection, there are a few considerable options worth noting.  You may have a personal preference, understanding the features and limitations are an important first step into making the right decision.  The chart below describes some feature comparisons between each protocol.

Hides users IP Address
Best Performance
Anonymous Torrenting
Data Encryption
Must install 3rd party apps
Use on Unlimited Devices
Requires Username and Password

DNS Servers

View DNSFlex DNS server list clicking the button below.  We are actively expanding our footprint.  If a desired location cannot be found, send us a message and include your Country of interest for consideration.

Server List

Automatic IP Updater

We support the DDNS protocol as a mechanism to update your DNSFlex Active Network IP.  Setup DDNS on your router and avoid software installations or having to manually update your IP again.


We also provide a free DNSFlex native IP Updater App that you can install on Windows or Linux machine if your router does not support the DDNS service.

Go to Apps DDNS Setup

DNSFlex Smart DNS for only $5/m

Unblock all your favourite websites instantly!  Get the content when you want – whenever you want it.

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